Our goal is to build Hawaii’s youth and families by providing a safe place for them to unplug from the world and be mentored in a natural environment. We use the agriculture nature of our farm to provide experiences and teach life lessons about hard work, respect, and caring about others. Aside from our own programs we partner with other nonprofit groups that are working in the youth and family development.



Serving Hawaii’s Youth And Families Through Agricultural Experiences


Our “unique” process is not really new or unique. We use the land to teach people the importance of caring for others and working together. One of our major projects is our lo’i reclamation project. We currently have eleven kalo patches that are in the process of being weeded and planted. They have been largely unused for several years prior to us taking over care of the farm and our goal is to get them up and working. Through the hard work of our volunteers and youth groups we have weeded the majority of the patches and planted about half. Our goal for 2023 is to have a continues cycle of kalo production so that we can add additional educational experiences like po’i production to our process. As our farm starts to produce more food we would like to partner with other nonprofits to donate the food to communities in need.


Our passion is working with the next generation and we want to use to use the land as our vehicle to build them up.
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Aside from teaching people how to plant we want to teach them how to serve others. As our farm grows we want to serve the islands by donating food grown through our youth and family programs.


Why farming? Because it connects us to the land and to each other. And its an experience most kids don’t get anywhere else.